YTS Mixture Bristle 001

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Item Mixture material
Colour According to the customer’s requests
Size All sizes
Diameter 0.07mm-0.3mm
Sharp Solid, Triangle

1. The filament surface that is rough enough;
2. High temperature resistance;
3. high absorbing and releasing;
4. Perfect paint surface;
5. Can produce high quality paint brush;

The paintbrush is a traditional piece of equipment which it is assumed to be best manufactured using natural bristle. It still remains part of the standard tools of a painter. However for years manufacturers have been trying to develop a good alternative to bristle paint brushes – a universal brush that can handle both synthetic and water-based paints, whilst maintaining consistent brush quality.

With the YTS ® synthetic brushes material, the solution is now available. The right combination of ingredients used in these synthetic paint brushes perfectly well meet requirements for correct processing of the new low “VOC” (Volatile Organic Compounds) paints.

The difference from the natural bristle brushes is the consistent quality of the special thin synthetic filaments. The combination of the right bristle filling will result in a stripe less finish. with the less fluid VOC paint.

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