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YTS has equipped more than 100 sets of semi-automatic and automatic brush making and testing equipment, which can improve YTS’s production ability dramaticly. At the same time, YTS has independently developed automatic ferrule-making machines and other applications in accordance with its own production characteristics. The dedicated automatic production equipment is different from others in the industry. In addition, we can have more control on our products delivery time (ETD&ETA). Now YTS has a productivity of 50 million brushes, 30 million of rollers and more than 3000 tons of bristle materials.


YTS has more than 150 employees manufacturing workshop and we have all realized semi-automatic and fully automatic production line operations. The design of the workstations is streamlined and reasonable. The production equipment is simple and intelligent, which is easy for employees to operate. All online employees have professional training and strictly follow the process and quality standards. YTS’s quality control system is throughout the entire process from ram material to finishes product. We implement 20% sampling inspection and 100% fully inspection after all products finished.




Our laboratory is used to test our brushes and finding ways to improve it. We do a lot of comprehensive tests before we sell our brushes to the market, our new products are also developed in this laboratory.