30+ Years Manufacturing in Natural Bristle

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As an Expert Manufacturer, YINGTESHENG offers High-quality Paint Brushes and Paint Rollers for Your Business Needs.

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All Types of Paint Brushes with Different Materials and Sizes

As a professional paint brush manufacturer and supplier in China, Yingtesheng has been in the brush industry for over 30 years.

We manufacture and supply all types of paint brushes like

We also supply paint brushes made of different materials like:

Your Expert Paint Brush Manufacturer - Paint Roller Manufacturer

Yingtesheng is a professional manufactuer of paint brushes  ,Art Brush , and Paint Tools  paint rollers for use in various applications.

Perfect for artists, DIY projects and professional painting jobs such as painting walls, ceilings, trim, windows and other house surfaces.As well as painting furniture, ships and so on.

  • ▶ 35 years of paint brush and roller manufacture experience
  • ▶ Wide range of paint brushes and paint rollers
  • ▶ Numerous sizes available
  • ▶ Made from premium materials
  • ▶ Custom design, style,material, colour etc.

We manufacture and supply all types of Chalk Paint Brush like:

Share your needs with us and we will contact you as soon as possible.


We manufacture and supply all types of paint brushes like Paint Brush, Paint Roller,Chalk Paint Brush, Art Brush ,Paint Tools and many more.

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